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Excellent write-up of Circling Drones from Progression Magazine! Click this image to read full article! "What’s in a name? In the case of Circling Drones, not a whole lot. The web site identifies its style as “sax-driven funk fusion,” but the group played tasteful jazz-rock fusion with a decidedly Canterbury flavor (think Soft Machine). Instrumentation comprised drums, bass, guitar and tenor sax; no keyboards for this set. Bandleader/saxophonist Matt Moore studied music at the University of North Texas, so the jazz presence is understandable. Circling Drones was a pleasant surprise and a nice contrast to the harder rocking acts that followed." -Voyager Music Festival 2015 brings a progressive showcase to Austin’s storied music scene By Walter Daniel

Guest article by Lauren Lyman On June 13, 2015, the first VoyagerFest commenced in the cozy West Austin backyard of The Rusty Mule. A good number of the bands that performed were based in progressive rock and its many subgenres, but the festival also showcased avant garde, electronic (intelligent dance music), and other acts with experimental and innovative properties. Beginning on Jan. 24, 2016, VoyagerFest launched a concert series called Voyager Nights, a place for bands from the previous year’s festival to continue performing and spreading awareness for the second annual event. Last month, VoyagerFest was approved as a 501(c) (3) organization, having officially established the mission to promote and support experimental music and art. If you want to take part in the non-profit’s mission, the second Voyager Night is scheduled for April 16 at The North Door. Jazz rock fusion group, Circling Drones, and video game prog metal band, Descendants of Erdrick, will perform. In addition to the live musical performances, the documentary of the 2015 festival will air, to educate the audience about progressive music culture (trailer). For the FULL article, click the photo!